These things shouldn’t happen

From Neawna, November 25, 2017
Deputy PM Prawit: I also used to be physical punished, but I didn’t die.
On the picture: Nong May
Caption on the left: He shouldn’t die.
Caption on the right: He shouldn’t survive.

[Refers to the death of a teenager army cadet, Pakapong Tanyakan or Nong May. The military has been pressured by the public after Nong May’s family demanded the military explain his death and why his organs were removed from their son.
Initially the military said that the death was caused by health problem. However, accusations arose that the cadets are often abused and beaten. Deputy PM Prawit was criticized after he tried to refute these accusations by saying he was also beaten by senior cadets, but he survived. Later, he apologized to Nong May’s family for his comment.
The cartoonist comments that Prawit should not survive the cabinet reshuffle. This is a rare shot at the junta from a cartoonist who is usually rapidly pro-military and anti-Thaksin.]

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