There’s good news and bad news

From Thairath, July 9, 2011
Left: There’s good news and bad news. The good news is PM Yingluck has announced the minimum wage must be 300 baht.
Middle: What about the bad news?
Right: The bosses are saying anyone who wants 300 baht should quit so they can hire Burmese workers instead.

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5 Responses to There’s good news and bad news

  1. Lone Ranger says:

    I see a lot of commentary about the implications of a proposed 300 baht daily minimum wage – but little similar discussion about the implications of the proposed 15,000 baht minimum monthly salary for university graduates.

    I see a possible future where lots of university graduates are sitting around unemployed, at zero salary, while holders of a Por Vor Sor certificate are in great demand, at 10,000 to 12,000 baht salaries.

    Government intervention in free markets cannot escape the laws of unintended consequences.

  2. Wisarut says:

    Indeed – so Ai maew telling Yinglux to reply to the worker that this will be employed in BKK and Vincinities along with Phuket at teh first phase.

  3. denyzofisarn says:

    What about doing it right away as promised?. Have Thaksin’s party smart economic team done their homework or arithmatics thoroughly? Testing hypotheses before making policy promises! The dumb Isan volks had taken the bait and they are dropping off dead like flies. Beating on Abhisit’s 25% minimum wage increase over two year period and general election too. Yinglux was that sweet mango during the election campaign attracting millions of ‘houseflies’ in the most important region of Thailand, in term of mp seat number. Keep your promises! Increase minimum wages to 300bht nation-wide, right away with your 300-strong mps in the house. You have ‘cooked’ up a storm, haven’t you?! Crooks!!!

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