There will always be coups

From Thairath, August 14, 2019
Title: Secrets, Trickery and Camouflage
Left: 2549 [the year 2006]
Gen. Sonthi: No coup
Mid: 2557 [the year 2014]
PM Prayuth: No coup
Right: 2562 [the year 2019]
Man: No coup
Phinooring: Should we believe it?
Mouse: Always trying to make us trust.

[This shows how every army chief vows they will not conduct a coup. However, coups occur again and again. such as in 2006 and 2014 as shown in the cartoon.
The cartoonist implies that current army chief Gen. Apirat’s pledges are no more true that those of army chiefs in the past and that the army always holds out the option of a coup if it thinks it necessary.]

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