There was a bribe too

From Naewna, September 24, 2018
Thaksin: When he is clinging to my table and begging for the position, his voice was so humble… But it was not enough.
On the paper: Position of the army chief
Caption: Prisoner Maew [Thaksin] disclosed about Uncle Poom [Prawit], but did not say it all…?

[Refers to a recent war of words between Thaksin and Deputy PM Prawit sparked by Thaksin’s call for talks and reconciliation.
Deputy PM Prawit suggested Thaksin should clear all legal cases against himself first before thinking about talks with the government. Thaksin then posted a message on the social media to mock criticize Deputy PM Prawit saying that his stance and manner seems official now, but he was humble when he “clung to my table” and begged for the army chief post. Deputy PM Prawit was army commander-in-chief from 2004 to 2005, when Thaksin was prime minister.
This admission by Thaksin shows how he had the ultimate power in deciding top posts at the time.
The cartoonist suggest that, in keeping with all official promotions in government, the winner must supply bribes.
For the highest posts, colossal amounts of money changes hands with the expectation that the post will provide the holder many opportunities for graft to be able to gain the money back.
Thus, the cartoonist says Thaksin told only part of the story about Prawit being awarded the post.]

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