The worst of politics comes to support PM Prayuth

From Manager, January 3, 2018
Gen. Prem at left: Tu, you used up almost all of your supporters… there are only a few left.
Deputy PM Prawit at right: Don’t listen to him… Tu still has me… Newin… Somsak… the Eel group… and Sasomsup group come to support you.
Caption: Being a younger brother one must listen to the elder.

[Refers to a new year’s message from the President of the Privy Council Gen. Prem Tinsulanonda to PM Prayuth Chan-ocha (whose nickname is “Tu”).
He advised PM Prayuth to commit to his promise to the people and warned him about the decline of his support.
This was after recent corruption scandals within the junta that appeared to be quickly discounted by investigators. This seemed to demonstrate that the junta was no better than the elected politicians they continually denigrate.
In the cartoon, another figure senior to Prayuth, Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan, tells Prayuth that all is fine as he has recruited the most venal of Pheu Thai and other former Thaksin supporters to support Pryauth’s military party.
These are politicians so duplicitous that even political mastermind Thaksin could not keep them in line.
They reportedly include Newin Chidchop (hounded from political life after betraying Thaksin and backing a Democrat Party-led government) and the grouping of late Banharn Silpa-archa, known as the “eel” for his ability to slip into any government under any circumstances.
The rumors that the junta, which touts its incorruptibility and good morals, would align itself with the most opportunistic elements of the Thai political world, emphasizes the military resolve to maintain control of government after the next elections.]

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