The World’s Worst Daughters: Pinthongta Shinawatra

The World's Worst Daughters - FP, August 4, 2009
...Bad behavior: When Pinthongta Shinawatra became the richest stockholder in Thailand in 2004, few observers were surprised. Before Thaksin was deposed in a military coup in 2006, his family benefited tremendously from the rampant nepotism during his five-year term as prime minster, with his own children netting millions.
Along with her brother Pangthongtae, she made a large profit by buying 329.2 million shares in a Thai communications company for 1 baht each from one of the family's offshore holding company, and selling them for almost 50 times their value to a Singaporean company.
The ensuing transaction netted $464 million, and Pinthongta's father kept the transaction hidden from Thai tax officials...

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