The World Weeps for Thaksin

From Thairath, May 2, 2013
Title: Poo [Yingluck] tells the world.
Top middle bubble: The military crackdown agaisnt Red Shirts in 2010. The sign reads “Ratchaprasong.”
Top left bubble: The 2006 coup d’état which overthrew Thaksin’s government. It shows Thaksin running from a tank knocking down Democracy Monument.
Bottom left bubble: “The independent agencies” showing the quilted jacket of Privy Councillor Prem allegedly manipulating regulatory agencies to block the elected government from giving Thakisn amnesty
On the podium: Mongolia
Mouse: The truth in the country
Phi Nooring: The world will protect you.

[Refers to PM Yingluck’s controversial speech in Mongolia. She praised the Red Shirts, defended Thaksin, and put the events of the last few years in the context of a struggle for democracy.
Her speech was surprising for a prime minister who has gained popularity for avoiding being part of contentious issues.
Her sudden foray into the partisan mine-field of Thaksin and Red Shirt issues was viewed as a calculated decision that foreshadows another major push for Thaksin amnesty.]

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