The warmest family in Thailand

From Manager, December 4, 2017
Potjaman: Stop the drama, Oat… even with no father we still have a warm family.
Caption: It should be the warmest family in Thailand

[Thaksin’s family from left to right: Potjaman, Panthongtae, Peathongtarn, Pintongtha.
This refers to Panthongtae “Oat” Shinawatra’s birthday post on his Instragram wishing that his family would be reunited with no one involved in politics.
As Oat’s social media posts have served as an unofficial platform for Thaksin (verifying or denying assertions or alleged conversations, making declarations), the post could be read as yet another signal that Thaksin wishes to return to Thailand. Statements that Thaksin is finished with politics always proceed a new political push from him so this would be read that Thaksin is still engaged in politics and wishes to return.
Anti-Thaksin critics responded to Oat’s post suggesting that the best way for the family to be reunited would be to call for Thaksin to return and face corruption charges.]

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