‘The Vampire of Siam’ Series by Jim Newport
หนังซีรี่ เรื่อง แวมไพร์แห่งเมืองสยาม ของ จิม นิวพอร์ท

Jim Newport’s ‘Vampire of Siam’ Series: Blood, sex, murder, and mystery in Bangkok – simandan.com, October 10, 2011
…Jim Newport’s trilogy “The Vampire of Siam” (2004), “Ramonne – The Return of The Vampire of Siam” (2005) and “The Reckoning – The Tale of the Vampire of Siam” (2006) continues with a fourth novel “The Siamese Connections” (2011). The books follow the adventures of Ramonne Delacroix, a 175-year-old French vampire that made Bangkok his home. Available at Asia Books and Kinokunia…

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