The Unusual Thai People


[This is an image illustrating how Thais criticizing their own behavior for being backwards and preventing them from competing in the wider world.]

Nisai Thai Thai [refers to The usual behavior of Thai people that makes Thailand remain a developing country]

* Stick to Patronage.
Yes, I can do it. Boss, you did a good job. It suits you, boss.
In the speech box: prab prab [This sound refers to the behavior of licking another’s boots.]

* Lazy, love being in a comfortable place.
Work as little as little. It’s always enough…
Speech box: That means lazy…

* Love being dependents.
speech box: Mom, can you give me some buck?
– Not being on time.
speech box: just…only 30 minutes late ha…ha!!

* First, enjoy ourselves.
Not putting enough effort into work.
Speech box: work is so serious, let’s drink!

* Do not like changes. No transfer.
Speech box: I’d like you to transfer to be a supervisor.
[Many nationalities refrain from accepting new work challenges for a variety of cultural reasons. This is always a shock to Westerners who are propagandized with ideas that everyone wants more challenges and more opportunities for advancement.]

* Extravagant.
Living paycheck to paycheck. starting in 3…2..1..

* Unity is disaster.
Can’t work as a team. Striving for fame.
Speech box: shi..!! [Sound made when one does not like something or someone.]
[This last one is odd as Thais typically do wish to work in a group and refrain from the Western-style “me first” method of working.]

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