The unexpected blow


From Manager, I knew it… by Buncha/Karmin (18-09-2558), September 18, 2015
Red side [Thaksin]: What the heck is happening… the previous round, your kids kept punching me harder… we already agreed to keep it until the end of game–not to finish the game with the knockout result.
From the back, left to right: Kill him. Prayuth su… su… [meaning “fight”]. Uncle Tu ju…ju… [this also means “fight”]. Su…su…
Caption: Coach has started to be speechless.
[Probably refers to the unexpected rejection of the constitution draft and the realization that elections (that would bring Thaksin back to power) are delayed further. As the junta’s goal has always been to assure the Thai political world that it has the resolve to wait out Thaksin, any delay in elections proves this and may weaken his political clout.]

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