The U.S. supports IS


From Thairath, November 30, 2016
Left, Australian: Australian police would like to inform the Thai police that a hundred thousand Thai people have logged into IS movement websites and support their opinions.
Middle, Thai man: The Australian police should inform the U.S.A. as well.
Australian: About what?
Right: That the US government supports IS with money and weapons.

[This refers to a widespread belief in Thailand (and other nations as well) that IS (or ISIS) is created and supported covertly by the U.S.
As a Sunni-derived movement that brings pressure against both U.S. enemy Syria as well as the Shite-leaning government emerging in Iraq, some suspect IS is a product of U.S. foreign policy. Underlying this belief is the idea that the U.S. is ruthless and will use any means to maintain their power and dominance around the world.]

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