Is the United States the puppet master?

Above: From Komchadluek, June 3, 2014

[The aftermath of this coup has resulted in an unusual degree of anti-American sentiment among those who support, if not the coup itself, then anything that stalls Shinawatra power in politics.
This is ironic, since other than a stern rebuke from Australia and the typically tough opinions pieces from the Economist and Financial Times, the Western response has been muted–coup bad, elections good. These are the kinds of responses governments have to make to the public while exercising realpolitik on a day-to-day basis behind the scenes.
It could be that the internet gave criticisms of the coup a wider audience than was ever possible before–particularly to urbanites with mobile devices skeptical of Thaksin and his reforms.
Below are some Photoshopped images, circulated on the net, used to express anti-U.S. or anti-foreigner sentiment since the coup.] Editor Ron Morris’ book, The Thai Book: A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations, is available in the Kindle Store.

Also: Telling the U.S. Ambassador to mind her own business

Above: Much has been made online of U.S. officials being honored at Red Shirt villages

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  1. Wiz says:

    2 week after the coup, more and more American think tanks warning Uncle Sam NOT to alienate Thai people since the price to pay after alienating Thai people is so enormous that not amount of expenditure on Philippines, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the new alliances in Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam could be able to compensate the loss of Thailand to Mainland China.
    Furthermore, we have learnt that the one who runs pentagon is the old DJ just like Ai Kwanchai and act as lobbyists for Firestone and the sale of mobile phones … no wonder why he has carried bad habit to run diplomacy through media which cost Uncle Sam dearly. President Obama should pick the competent one like Mr Timothy Geithner as he DID come to study in Bangkok instead.

    Even Mr John curry is in trouble due to his inclination in favor of NGOs without learning about the background of NGos in questions.
    Even Obama is facing the big dilemma for the declining of Uncle Sam prestige.

    Now, strategists from Both House of Representatives and Senate also alarm President Obama and the cabinet that the loss of Thailand will be the big blow to US Foreign Policy, esp Pivot Policy. They should have learnt the hard lesson for the case of Economic Hard time – Uncle Sam giving a cold shoulders for 4 billion Dollar loan to deal with economic hard time of 1997 despite of the 57 billion Dollar loan to bail Mexico out of financial troubles – to be fair, mexico has a lot of Uncle Sam interests – while those Layman Brothers have hoarded good assets of failed 56 Financial companies at the bargaining prices – this act has already alienated Thai business communities who have either gone bankrupted or being taken over with a few survivors with full of bruises. Worse still, President Obama has applied “private contact diplomacy” so much that he is out of touch with the realpolitik of Thailand.

    For the case of Ozzy, we would like to tell those in Canberra that
    “Australia, You have been weighted, You have been measured, You have been found wanting. What a pygmies intellectuals of NLP of Australia is!”

    For the case of Beijing, Xinhua starting to run the headline news “Western Democracy Fails in Thailand” and the case of coup has reached POLITBURO. Now, PLA starting to raise the issue of the equivalence of Cobra Gold in Thailand.

  2. Wiz says:

    Here is the remark of Ajarn Witsanu Kureangam h who is actually a real political insider of Thailand which many political think tanks must pay serious attention:

    Ai Maew and Yinglux should have read the resignation letter of Ajarn Witsanu Kureangam on 24 June 2006 so they would not have such ignoble ends like today –

    Ajarn Witsanu Kureangam has quoted the message from Ajarn Bunchana Atthakorn that the stability of leaders is up to the the support of people – Support of Army and Support of Thai Monarchy the real 3 pillars of Thai political system according to the realpolitik –

    Support of people come of your own honesty – your integrity and honesty must be measured, weighted and found perfect not found wanting (expectation failed to be delivered) in the eyes of people.

    Support from Armed Forces come from your own behavior – never bullying Armed Force – never cheating and must be unquestionable loyal to His Majesty.

    For the measure to gain support from His Majesty, you must be loyal without any questions – you must apply the Royal policies of His Majesty without dishonesty and distortion for your own gains.

    Want to have the same end as Ajarn Pridi-Luang Thamrong by the Siamese coup of 1947 or the same end as coup of September 1957? Ai Maew’s hubris in 2006, AI Somchai’s hubris in 2008 and Yinglux’ hubris in 2014 are the answers.

  3. Wiz says:

    US embassy has cut itself off from real Thai issues
    Writer: Stephen B Young
    Bangkok Post 20 Jun 2014 at 00.47
    This a American criticism toward US Foreign policies in Thailand by those baby boomers like Clinton, Bush JR and Obama
    [QUOTE=””Tongje”]As a Thai, when consider Ms. Kenny’s behaviors, online and off-line; her PR news; her way in running the office, of the past 3 years, I feel Thailand get insulted from the US. who sends in this kind of persons an ambassador to the country she calls a long-time friend. Looking back to our 180-year relation, amongst those several top diplomats who came here, I think the ambassador is the worst one. She loses touch with real situations in this country and shows no will of improvement. Every time she poked her nose into a sensitive issue making stupid comment/ suggestion It makes me sick.[/QUOTE]

    [QUOTE=”SKV24″]I am not surprise by US administration’s reactions toward the Thai coup. US government supports a repressive regime in Saudi Arabia (absolute monarchy); it supports hardline Islamic terrorists in Syria; it supports Egyptian Army and never issue condemnation for the coup in Egypt. All talks about US stands for democracy, human rights, rights of self determination are really a joke. US foreign policies are dictated by difference interest groups in Washington. Democracy, liberty and human rights are just propaganda for US domestic voters. Iraq is a sad country; it was destroyed by US oil interest group. [/QUOTE]

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