The transfer that caused a change of prime minister

From Komchadluek, May 9, 2014
The words say: Thawil Plien-premier

[The last three letters of Thawil Pliensri’s name–“sri”–is marked out by an “X,” and replaced by “premier.”
Thawil Pliensri was the former secretary-general of the National Security Council who was removed in a reshuffle to enable a Thaksin relative to take over as chief of police.
He filed a grievance in court over the unjust transfer and the courts ruled against the prime minister and stripped her of her position.
The government never expected the case to reach the courts as normally such grievances are vetted by government-controlled bodies before being allowed to reach the courts. Thus the government felt it could quash any complaint.
The courts accepting cases without going through government channels has caused outrage as sitting governments normally control the flow of justice and thus can do whatever they want.
In the cartoon the word “plien” in Thawil Pliensri’s name means “change.” So in this cartoon, the syllable “sri” is crossed out and replaced with “premier” meaning the transfer and case filed by Thawil Pliensri caused a change in the premiership.]

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