The train doesn’t follow the rules of Thailand

From Thiarath, June 22, 2017
Title: The historic high speed train. The wonder of the world.
On the soldier’s shirt who is holding the railway: Return happiness [this is the junta’s motto]
On the railway: Section 44 [referring to the absolute power of the junta enable by this section of law]
On the train: China. Accepting Thai baht, but do not accept Thai law. Bangkok-Nakhonratchasima [this indicates the route of the train to the Northeast–clearly intending to please Thaksin supporters and perhaps draw support away from the former PM]
Below the railway, from left to right: Not use engineers; Law of architecture; Thailand budget [more references to aspects of local authority that will be overridden according to the new project]
Mouse man: Sacrificial offering to China
Mouse: Going back to the third world

[Refers to the many objections from Thai professional associations that all engineers on the project have to be duly licensed by the Thai system. The terms of the project seem to waive such local regulations that have appeared to stall such projects in the past. Other aspects of Thai law that might of slowed the project like public hearing and various assessments have also been waived to expedite the project.]

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