The three P’s


From Manager, September 6, 2016
Left letter: I built you and hope one day when you grow up, you will be like me. Don’t you want it?
Right letter: No, I don’t want it!
Right: I want to be like that ‘P’!
Caption: New hero of brother ‘P’

[We are not entirely sure of the meaning. The letter is the Thai letter for “p” which, in this case seems to stand for the “3 P’s” of Thai political power now–Deputy PM Prawit (considered the most powerful figure in government), PM Prayuth (attention-grabbing leader of the junta and government), and Privy Councilor Prem (former army commander-in-chief, prime minister, and now head of the Privy Council).
The cartoon implies that either Prawit or Prayuth seek to be elevated to head of the Privy Council once Prem, now 96, passes away.]

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