The Thai press has lost its vibrancy

The Thai press has lost its vibrancy - The Nation, March 9, 2004
The Nation points out the silence in the Thai press over political interference: ...This was true until Veera himself broke his silence in public on March 4 to confirm that his removal was a result of political interference. Yet the Bangkok Post made no allusion to it... To be sure, there was dissent at the Bangkok Post, as 77 editorial staff signed a petition addressed to its board of directors and dozens later dressed in black for a few days - but all this took place without the Post itself acknowledging that it had occurred.
...Nowhere did Wasant mention the recent interference at the Bangkok Post or at any other media outlet in Thailand. This despite the fact that Veera's removal was widely reported in the international media, including the International Herald Tribune, the Asian Wall Street Journal, and even the satellite version of the Yomiuri Shimbun.
...At a recent international seminar in Manila, I was reminded by Cambodian and Indonesian journalists that perhaps their media was now more free than Thailand's.

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