The stubborn buffalo won’t eat!


From Thairath, March 26, 2016
Title: Stubborn buffalo.
On the grass Prayuth hands to the buffalo: Inherit power constitution [meaning the charter is designed to give power to the military]
Prayuth says: Be a good buffalo so that in your next life you will be born human.
Buffalo: [You were] Born a human and made this country to be in trouble… I am better to be born as buffalo than like you!
Mouse man: Do not force the buffalo by giving him grass he doesn’t want to eat.
Mouse: Buffalo has a heart too.

[Refers to an idiom meaning someone refusing something is like a buffalo that refuses food. Here it refers to Thaksin’s Red Shirts who refuse to accept the junta’s military-dominated constitution.
It is interesting to note that in past years “buffaloes” was used derisively to insult Thaksin supporters–implying they are dull and stupid. However, Red Shirts eventually embraced the term themselves and often now depict themselves as buffaloes (as in this cartoon).]

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