The Strange Pardon for Thaksin

Pardon timing quizzed – Chamber calls move ‘strange’ during floods – Bangkok Post, November 18, 2011
…”Businesses have severely damaged and have no weapons. The government has to be careful and not underestimate [the impact of its decisions]…”

Academics slam draft royal decree as illegal – National security at risk if pardon aids Thaksin – Bangkok Post, November 18, 2011
…The academics warned the proposed terms making convicted drug and corruption offenders eligible for a royal pardon would further widen the wedge in society, undermine national security and create chaos…

Thai government wants amnesty to let Thaksin return – reports – Reuters, November 16, 2011
…Asked by Reuters if he thought he would be included, he said: “I don’t know. I don’t think so. No one knows, because it was a confidential meeting.
“It’s at the full discretion of his majesty (the king),” he said in Dubai…

Uttaradit reds back pardon decree – Bangkok Post, November 18, 2011
…“The country is now facing a crisis and is in need of capable people to deal with it. All parties should help bring Thaksin back to work for the country”, Mr Pannawat said, adding that he believed Thaksin’s return would lead to a national reconciliation.

Yongyuth: Decree not for Thaksin – Bangkok Post, November 18, 2011

PAD to rally against amnesty decree Monday – The Nation, November 18, 2011

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