The story of Abu Zubaydah, waterboarded 83 times in Thailand

An Excellent Reason Not to Torture Prisoners – NYT, May 22, 2012
…Later, Mr. Zubaydah was turned over to the C.I.A. and to a secret prison in Thailand, where he was water-boarded at least 83 times in one month. In the early 2000s, such treatment was routine: The Bush administration reasoned that, after 9/11, anyone who objected to torture was hopelessly naïve. Anything short of torture, they seemed to think, meant coddling terrorists.
But Mr. Zubaydah’s interrogators told the Times that, after being water-boarded, he revealed nothing more of value. The C.I.A. succeeded only in tainting the evidence against him…

More on the Thai Secret Prison

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