The stomach churning Thai prawn farms: dangerous, putrid factories and industrial fishing boats manned by slave labor

Love eating prawns? You’ll go right off them after we tell you what THEY are fed on – Daily Mail, March 17, 2013
…Back on deck, the often enslaved crews, who are tricked into coming to Thailand by the false promise of generous wages, are woken by the deafening blare of an air horn mounted above their cramped sleeping quarters.
Exhausted, but too frightened to disobey an order, they stumble to the deck to sort through the latest trash fish catch. It’s only really the rocks and the weed that go over the side; everything else is shovelled into an already stinking hold.
Many of these boats do have ice-controlled holds, but they are reserved for commercially valuable catches. The trash fish go straight into a filthy compartment where, with boats often at sea for days at a time, they soon start to rot…

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