The Spraying

From Naewna, March 12, 2021
Left heading: Uncle Tu played with the reporters by spraying alcohol on them.
Caption: Very bad. Silly. Embarrass the whole world.
Right heading: Three-finger protester is aggressively peeing on the police.
Caption: Awesome… Very cool… Very supreme

[Refers to the reactions of the anti-government groups toward two different inappropriate behaviors. Much was made of PM Prayuth’s strange dousing of the media with alcohol when asked about cabinet appointments. Meanwhile the urination (or “pretend urination” as some sources contended) was praised by many on social media, with the contention that the government deserved it for restricting the rights of people to protest.]

From Thairath, March 12, 2021
Title: He deems to care… Everything he did is cute.
PM Prayuth: Killing the virus for the reporters.
Cameraman: Throw a banana peel to the head..!
Woman reporter: Splash the water to the reporter.
Reporters at the left corner: Being a place for him to vent his emotions.
Woman reporter next to the group of reporters: Who hit my head?
Phi Nooring: Acting like a bad kid.
Mouse: Doing things unwisely.

[PM Prayuth was criticized for his inappropriate behavior when he sprayed alcohol on reporters when asked about the appointment of new cabinet members.]

From Thairath, March 12, 2021
Left: On the street… to crack down on the protest
Right: At the Government House…to crackdown the reporters

[Refers to PM Prayuth who sprayed alcohol on reporters when he was asked about appointment of new ministers. The cartoonist draws a parallel to the crowd control measures of spraying water and irritants on anti-government protesters.]

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