The Society that Depends on Praying

From ThaiRath, March 6, 2011
The headline of the cartoon: The society that depends on praying

Top left: Praying that a taxi driver will not take you to be raped and take a VDO clip [of the rape]! [refers to crimes were rapists photographed their crime to blackmail or embarrass the victim]

Top middle: Praying that your weight will lost in the time designated by your company! [this refers to the recent regulations for weight for Thai Airway flight attendants]

Top right: Praying that there is a control measures for advertisements along highways! [refers to the increasing use of sexy women in large advertising boards]

Bottom left: Praying that the murderer who killed Gen. Romklao and his military companions will experience revenge in this lifetime! [referring to the military man killed by a sniper while fighting with the Red Shirts in April 2010]

Bottom middle: Praying that the Skywalk valued at 15,000 million baht will not be taken over to become an area for street vendors! [Street vendors have voraciously protested the proposed elevated walks under the Skytrain since vendors will not be able to set up there. The general public has long complained of vendors blocking the sidewalks and thus supposedly welcomes the elevated sidewalks.]

Bottom right: Praying that the censure debate will not cause many lizards to walk inside parliament! [Here, lizards means those who use impolite and cursing speech. In the past, those in censure debates have be criticized for using obscene insults making the proceedings unfit for family viewing.]

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