The Singaporean model for Thailand: “Provinces which vote for the Thai Rak Thai party will be taken good care of first”

The ‘mole’ is inside the government – Bangkok Post, June 7, 2013
…That seems to echo the infamous remark made some years ago by then-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, which triggered off an avalanche of protests from southerners, “Provinces which vote for the Thai Rak Thai party will be taken good care of first…”.
It should not come as a total surprise that Mr Plodprasop’s remark has incensed Phuket residents. A protest was staged in the southern province this Friday morning against the deputy prime minister for his discriminatory and divisive remark. One of the protest banners, carried by a car which drove around the town of Phuket, read: “Plod pen sop (Plodprasop is a corpse), do not treat Phuket residents like buffaloes”…

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  1. Wiz says:

    Phuket people gone mad at the remark by Ai plodprasob to cancel the Andaman National convention centerProject in Phuket to the point that they call immediate resignation of Ai plodprasob due to the void of good governence and the immaturity that causes national disunity while telling the government to return 188 billion Baht tax money of Phuket people so they can build Andaman national convention center on their own. During the day of Khun mark, Chaing Mai convention center where Ai Plotprasob has made such a bad speech has been finance by taxpayer money from Phuket … so it is the right thing for Phuket people to ask the governemtn to return Phuket people’s tax mony to build National convention center on their own even finish Surat Thani – Thanun Phuket railway line

  2. Wiz says:

    Weekly commentaries: Yinglux keep lying the public Now, Yinglux’ government creditability is nosedived because of the mouths of her subordinates including Ai Plodprasob, Ai Chaloem, Red dragon lady’s men and Ai Ten – forcing Yinglux to explain UDD men to bring the rating back

    Plodprasob’s message toward those taxpayers in Phuket by denying them the new national convention center alone have compelled UDD men in Phayao to wirte the warning that Governement should never look down upon those opposites and dissents who show their concern about the way to spend the tax … without people participatation, the legitimacy of the government is no more … the bad words from some leaders can shatter the image and legitimacy of the government – Worse, the words of Ai Plodprasob has effectively ignited public outrage from Phuket people to the point they are threatening Ai Plodprasob that he will never come back alive if he goes to Phuket. … and it is going to ruin the election prospect down south to the point that Nakhon Srithammaraj Clique are going to ask Yinglux to remove Ai Plodprasob if PT men wants to get some men down South.

    AI Worawat of Ban Korakot is now being scrambled by those NSTDA to the point that Ai Worawat has to follow red dragon lady to see Ai maew in London at Royal China restaurant on Baker Street with madame who love children (Praweena Hongsakun) and her subordinates … about the cabinet reshuffle. Ai Worawat never want to be removed from Ministry of Science and Technology, so he has no choice but to follow red dragon lady while Praweena Hongsakun coming to London to secure the Metropolitan Police for Big Jazz after the position has been shaken.

    The upcoming reshuffle is just the way to buy more time to fight against the nemesis … and now Ai Maew has no choice left but to let Ai Too into the cabinet to mobilize UDD men to storm Papa Prem House at Ban See Sao again. Furthermore, Colonel Romanov is going to joint the cabinet as Full Minister, not just the deputy or House Speaker if Colonel Romanov is not in the cabinet.

    Furthermore, AI Bunsong has to be out of Minister of Commerce due to the rice mortgaging loss which is going to be the weakest link that causes the ultimate undoing – even to the eyes of PT men. Even Ai Bunsong has to introduce the new face to the journalists who comes to replace him soon.

    Even the think tank and staffs of Yinglux have to change the strategy as the Foreign talks of Yinglux do more harm to Yinglux by fuel more power to the opposite … and the case of sex scandal uin Maldives with her favorite who is the husband of doctors starts to leak to the public … No more trip abroad, just nationwide traveling to sooth those angry UDD men as the way to mobilize UDD men (buffaloes in human forms) that the cost of living is going down to fight against V for Thailand which have been established in every province even in the fiefdoms UDD men … V for Thailand have used Social Networks to unite the movements to the point that frustrated UDD men. The limitation of friend have effectively bar UDD men from obtaining the movement.

    When Democrat making a move every Saturday – already reaching more than 50 provinces, V for Thailand making a move on Sunday to bring downfall to Yinglux clan and the remark by Khun Thawin Pliansri have mobilized Bureaucrats to choose whether they are the slaves of Ai Maew or being the Royal Servants … the end is clear …

    The tantrum of Ai Chaloem that pass the blames to Thai Bev, Bangkok Bank and CP, UCOM owner and his wife have generated more political enemies to the point that even the demon in pipe badly want to kick Ai Chaloem.

    Expect Ai Maew to dissolved the cabinet for reelection after 2.2 trillion Baht loan act have been approved … but expect Papa Prem to come up with his own measure to deal with this movements – expect to use patient and war of attrition to wear down Ai Maew as they have known from those nubile ladies who sleep with Ai Maew that Ai Maew is running out of patient easily since he is suffering from impotent to the point that premature ejaculation ensues – cannot stand erect long enough …

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