The shoe is on the other foot

From Thairath, written by Chai Ratchawat, August 9, 2015
Caption: Thai word daily “The shoe is on the other foot”

Top left: A person who violates the law has been named as a Legal Counselor. [Who does this refer to?]

Top center: Hesitate to kill animals because afraid of losing the salt! [this is Thai phrase meaning when you aim to do a big project, do not be swayed by minor things (like loosing salt)]
On the animal body: 600,000 million baht rice pledging scheme.

Top right: The country with child prostitution problem threaten the country with the human trafficking issue.
[The country with child prostitution refers to the U.S. and Thailand is the country with the human trafficking issue. The meaning is that a big powerful country like the U.S., that seems to send its pedophiles to Thailand, cannot blame Thailand over human trafficking issues.]

Bottom left: Big Bang [Sondhi Limthongkul] educates Big Tu [Prayuth Chan-ocha] on how to benefit from seizing the power!
[Sonthi spurred the overthrow of Thaksin in 2006, but was judged to have failed in eliminating Thaksin influence, is now trying to teach Prayuth how to manage his power. Wearing a box on one’s head is a sign of shame meaning those who hate Thaksin are ashamed of the job Prayuth has done in eliminating Thaksin influence.]

Bottom center: The break-up news of celebrities is much more interesting than the news of some people sacrificing the life for the nation.

Bottom right: Believe that a new constitution would make the hyena become a vegetarian.
[Meaning the new charter is not likely to change the nature of politicians.]

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