The same old government opponents

From Thairath, June 16, 2013
Title: Why are you so cruel???
Left: PM Yingluck holds sign that reads: ‘To govern the country under democracy’
The man behind her is wearing a headband reading UDD [the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship or the Red Shirts]
The man with a white mask says: A puppet government
On his sign: To provoke the Red Shirts
Man with beard says: To find reasons for the military coup
On the headband: Salim (means the anti-Thaksin “multi-colored group”)
The man with a cap says: Overthrow the government for a new election.
On his board: ‘Flash mob’ and ‘strong patronage’ [meaning the anti-government move is sponsored by powerful people]
Man close to him: But I want…
Hooded figure says: Visiting many places [having protests in many areas] to tell lies [about the government] to people
On the hooded figure: ‘Crackdown of people’ and ‘100 dead people’ [referring to the clearing of the Red Shirt protest in 2010]
A board at the right corner: Cruel works of Apr. 10-May 19, 2010
Phi Nooring: Ought to be ashamed
A mouse: Addicted to the wrong power
[This cartoon says that although Yingluck’s government was duly elected, many anti-Thaksin groups are being controlled by vested interests who are out of power to try to subvert the will of the people.]

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