The Sadness of the Nation


From Arun, October 14, 2016


From Manager, October 14, 2016
In the black boxes: A King who returns to heaven
With respect to your kindness
[first one signed] (Ngao)
[second one signed] (Bancha Kamin)

[Refers to expression of condolences by Manager cartoonists as they have only black boxes instead of political cartoons immediately after the King’s passing.]


From Naewna, October 15, 2016
…May I be your humble servant in all reincarnation…

[This shows the well-known photo of a boy who paid respects to His Majesty King Bhumibol Aduylayadej during a trip to visit people in remote areas of the country. The saying in the cartoon is being widely used by people to express their devotion to the late monarch.]


From Thairath, October 15, 2016
Bid farewell to His Majesty the King in returning to heaven.



Title: Bid farewell to the King to return to the heaven.

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