The rule of law lives to fight another day

The rule of law lives to fight another day - The Nation, June 26, 2008
...The Supreme Court's ruling will be a big setback to Thaksin and Pojaman in their fight against corruption and tax-evasion charges. The pair will have to find a new team of lawyers since Pichit and Thana are likely to face disciplinary action from the Lawyers' Council of Thailand. Their licences could be revoked.
The Supreme Court did not rule on the ownership of the money. As observers, we only want to ask who owned the Bt2- million that was put in a gift box intended to bribe the court. Did Pichit or Thana withdraw Bt2 million from their own bank accounts and wrap it as a gift? Or did either one of them take the Bt2 million from someone else in order to attempt to bribe the court? If the latter, who was that someone else?

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