The road narrows for Thaksin and company

All roads lead to entrenched military rule – Bangkok Post, June 16, 2015
…It’s obvious the former army chief is acting with ulterior motives alongside every move implemented in the roadmap.
There is the draft charter versus a general election. People who stand in opposition to the coup camp have called for a referendum to be held on the draft constitution. Now they have found themselves in a quandary.
Reject the draft charter, which is seen as an attempt to enshrine a “guided democracy” doctrine, and they will probably not see a new poll in two years — even longer if the drafting process keeps on going.
Meanwhile if they approve it, with the hope that the highest law can still be amended one day, the results will still be the same…

Interestingly, on the same day, an opinion piece in the New York Times completely misses what is going on in Thailand (The Contrecoup in Thailand), oddly assuming that a “no” vote on the charter would show that Prayuth and the junta are discredited and should step down (rather than seeing the referendum, whatever the outcome, as a delaying tactic itself):
…This is a dangerous game. For one thing, Thais might vote down the constitution in a referendum. The only other time such a plebiscite was held was in 2007; the people have seen what little good came from their voting yes then; and the current draft is even less democratic than that one was. A no vote would be a severe rebuke for the junta, an indictment of its coup and a major loss of legitimacy — reason enough for General Prayuth to step down…

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