The road narrows for Thaksin and company

All roads lead to entrenched military rule – Bangkok Post, June 16, 2015
…It’s obvious the former army chief is acting with ulterior motives alongside every move implemented in the roadmap.
There is the draft charter versus a general election. People who stand in opposition to the coup camp have called for a referendum to be held on the draft constitution. Now they have found themselves in a quandary.
Reject the draft charter, which is seen as an attempt to enshrine a “guided democracy” doctrine, and they will probably not see a new poll in two years — even longer if the drafting process keeps on going.
Meanwhile if they approve it, with the hope that the highest law can still be amended one day, the results will still be the same…

Interestingly, on the same day, an opinion piece in the New York Times completely misses what is going on in Thailand (The Contrecoup in Thailand), oddly assuming that a “no” vote on the charter would show that Prayuth and the junta are discredited and should step down (rather than seeing the referendum, whatever the outcome, as a delaying tactic itself):
…This is a dangerous game. For one thing, Thais might vote down the constitution in a referendum. The only other time such a plebiscite was held was in 2007; the people have seen what little good came from their voting yes then; and the current draft is even less democratic than that one was. A no vote would be a severe rebuke for the junta, an indictment of its coup and a major loss of legitimacy — reason enough for General Prayuth to step down…

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One Response to The road narrows for Thaksin and company

  1. Wiz says:

    UDD hard core must be in delusion so they have to come up with nonsense like counter coup via Anti Junta Line social networks by Isan Nettizen. Police Chief said counter coup coming from with connections to UDD mouthpieces and Dang DD did broadcast the idea of UDD Hard core lunatics like comrade Surachai, Dr Phiangdin and Choophongse Plian Rabob who are also UDD extremists who manage to come up with
    nonsense idea such as “Papa Prem planning to remove Big Too” to the point that AI Phichit Likitkitsomboon said this is a blatant myth as they are in state of denial.

    AI Phichit Likitkitsomboon pointing out that Ammart (Bureaucratic polity) – Sakdina (Monarchy) and warlords (Armed Forces) have united into ONE to consolidate power.

    UDD intellectuals even debunk the conspiracy of world encircling Thailand which many UDD men are still believe what Choophongse and other UDD Hard core lunatics have said. Case to point is Ai Charan disthaabhichai who is now in exile in France have interviewed with Prachatai that it is really difficult to make international community to pay attention to the current state affairs in Thailand as situation in Thailand is not that bad at all. Worse still, even the mainland China and Vietnam or even Uncle Sam and EU have abandoned their cold war ideology as military – commercial – political interests are what dictate the current state affairs. National interests come first before democracy values.

    At the time being, there is no disunity within warlords and it is expected that Junta will stay in power longer than anybody have thought.

    Nevertheless, Ai Charan disthaabhichai still hold anti feudal and anti war lord ideology to the bitter end but still manage to keep standpoints in the real world situation, compared with those UDD hard core lunatics. He expected that Junta will stay long enough to emusculate PT men+ Shinnawatra clan + with attrition warfare. This is considered as the last war of the conservative faction which will keep the status quo as long as possible, even to the bitter end.

    Furthermore, Ai Charan disthaabhichai pointing out that the democratic faction have very wrong thought that Dictator regime will meet the downfall with economic hard time as happened to other democratic government. the Dictator regime will meet the downfall with the millions of mass like 14 October and PDRC have doen. So long the dictator regime is working so hard to find the right remedy for economic ills, it is unlikely that Dictator regime of Junta will be removed at all. Democratic faction must take this into account.

    The last struggle in the Internationale never come into reality but it is just the continuing struggles to raise the standard and development for betterment of the thing we have.

    Ai Charan disthaabhichai prefer to stay in exile for decades but those UDD Hard core lunatics in Laos and Cambodia will become bed ridden as big Too is likely to stay in power for a few more years. ONLY political accidents will reverse the trend.

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