The right time to buy a VIP plane

From Thairath, July 22, 2020
Title: The budget that not so cute.
Billboard: The VIP airplane. The price is 1,348.5 million baht.
In cartoon balloon at left: You will survive, if you work hard.
On people’s backs from left: Starve to death. No money. No food. Distress, lose job. No income. Covid’s toxin. Bad economic. Big debt.
Mouse: From the people’s taxes.
Mouse man: This is for flying over poor people’s heads.

[This refers to the budget for a new airplane that military is buying for “general use.” This is interpreted as a special VIP plane for use by top government and military brass.
The “You will survive, if you work hard” quote is from Col. Nusra Vorapatratorn, a former Royal Thai Army spokesperson. She posted on social media that she disagreed with the youth protest which she called the “mung-ming mob”–sort of a condescending way to say their protest was “sweet” or “cute.” She also urged the protesters to find jobs to earn income instead of protesting. Due to her comments, the protesters went to the HQ of Army to criticize military procurement and Col. Nusra.]

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