The return of Bunga Emas

Gerakan chides Kedah for wanting back gifts from Thailand - The Star, December 4, 2010
It is not ethical for the Kedah government to ask for the return of the Bunga Emas and Bunga Perak gifts that were once given to Thailand, said Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang...

History authorities support return of Bunga Emas - Free Malaysia Today, December 7, 2010
...The 28 flowers were sent to the Thai King in Bangkok as a sign of friendship and friendly relations between Kedah and Thailand. The flowers are now located in the Grand Palace in Bangkok where it is under close surveillance.
Kedah Museum Board chairman Dr Hamdan Mohamed Khalib recently said that they would be seeking the cooperation of Wisma Putra for the return of the flowers...
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