The Red Shirt’s symbolic pipe bomb

From Thairath, June 22, 2017
Left, probably meant to be Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: Wattana’s intention is that he only wants to oppose the junta by putting nails in the bomb; this is symbolic…
Middle: He only put the bomb in the wrong place because of his unawareness…
Another man: How did he put it in the wrong place?
Right: He put the nails in the bomb.

[Refers to Wattana Pumret who conducted a series of bombing over the years in support of the Red Shirts, but has insisted he worked alone and on orders from no one.
After being arrested for attacking a military hospital with a nail bomb, he apologized to the victims and insisted that he did intend to hurt anyone, but only wanted to show his dislike for the junta.
We think the joke here is that the bomber actually meant to put his nails inside the junta and not the bomb (?)]

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