The Red Shirts are like a wall protecting the Prime Minister

From Thai Rath, August 6, 2012
The cartoon title: Everybody wants to wear a red shirt. [referring to former PM Abhisit wearing a Red Shirt at a rally]
Left: The mouse carries a sign reading “Red in my heart, not on my shirt”
Mouse: Pi Nooring, it’s bad! I saw the Red Shirts coming to open a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Yingluck!
Pi Nooring: “Impossible! the Red Shirts are like a copper [red color] wall and iron fence protecting the Prime Minister.
Mouse: But really. Look! There they are…!
Three figures in foreground: No confidence, Prime Minister Yingluck
Pi Nooring: Oh…! They’re just the Red Shirts’ shadows.
On the back of the hooded figure: The color of this shirt is red.
On the back of the man on the left: Rod
On the back of the man in the middle: Lure
On the back of the man on the right: Lightning
[Put the three words on the backs of the three together, it means ‘lightning rod,’ which is the name of a talk show run by the Democrat Party on the Blue Sky cable TV channel.]

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