The proxy crisis

From Thairath, December 25, 2019 Title: Who is a proxy crisis?
Gen. Apirat (standing in the center wearing glasses): They is a proxy crisis.
On his shirt: Rao Cheer Lung. [We support the uncle, meaning PM Prayuth]
Man on the left: We have already grown up so we can think by our own.
On shirts on the people on the left: Wing Lai Lung [Run to oust the uncle; this is a run to be held in Jan 12 to protest the government]
Prayuth: Creative… sulk
On paper held by female journalist: Siang Kong Government
On paper held by male journalist: Angry Pot Calling the Kettle Black
Phi Nooring: Who is really behind this?
Mouse: Afraid of the kid’s running

[Refers to Army chief Gen. Apirat who said that the country is facing a “proxy crisis” where the instigators cannot face the government directly so they have to created agents to do so.
He is of course referring for former PM Thaksin who has conducted a relentless campaign of pressure on governments that oppose his pardon and return since his ouster in 2006.
The proxy for the instigator is the Future Forward Party led by Thanathorn who is now calling on the public to oust the government, much as previous political movements, thought to be directed by Thaksin, attempted to pressure previous governments.
The cartoonist is skeptical of all this a resents the army chief’s pronouncements to the people. PM Prayuth is ridiculed as a thin-skinned military man who is always annoyed with the media.
One example of this was when Prayuth was angered over the traditional giving of mocking names to political figures and parties. PM Prayuth was dubbed by the media as “Angry Pot Calling the Kettle Black” while his government was called the “Siang Kong Government”, a reference to the Chinatown neighborhood where used car parts are sold. The name is associated with a dodgy background and spotty reliability, highlighting the rogues gallery of old school political figures comprising the government.]

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