The premier and her government… break records

From Thairath, December 8, 2013
Cartoon title: The premier and her government… break records
Top left: Corruption ranking record, from the 88th down to 102nd
On the graphic: A survey by the Transparency International, the global coalition against corruption
Top middle: Record number of threats made to the courts [both the government and the Red Shirts have vowed not to recognize court rulings]
Top right: Record for the biggest amount of tear gas fired at people [Probably referring to events in front of the Metropolitan Police Bureau on December 1 and 2 when protesters marched to gather in front of the office and tried to bring down barriers. During those two days, riot police fired tear gas at the protesters until they ran out.]
Bottom left: Record for the most MPs and senators who become lackeys [of Thaksin Shinawatra]
Bottom middle: Record for a prime minister who is called the most names
Search bar reads: Ee… [‘Ee’ is an insulting term used to refer to a female.]
Bottom right: Record of the largest number of protesters; Tweet, tweet, tweet

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