The Police Should Blow Their Brains Out


From Manager, July 28, 2015
PM Prayuth: When everybody is ready… I would like you to put a gun which be distributed to your head… and wait for a sign from me to shoot
Pol Gen Pongsapat: Oops… it’s live TV.
2nd police from the left: Police spokesman Pol Lt Gen Prawat Thawornsiri
3rd police from the left: Police chief Gen. Pol Somyot Phumphanmuang
4th police from the left: Pol Lt Gen Ammuay Nimmano
On the box: 100,000 guns given to the police project.
Caption: Big Tu shall use this project to reform the police.

[Refers to the new project proposed by the police to buy 100,000 guns for the police. Many express disappointment both in the the police and the junta in the slow progress to reform the police force. The cartoonist jokes that the 100,000 guns should be used to allow the police force to all commit suicide.]

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