The Pattaya interchange


The Pattaya interchange - May 15, 2005
Two years ago we asked: This simple Highway 7/Highway 36 interchange at the Pattaya turn-off has been under construction for years (six years?). Now that it is done, it is still closed and grass is growing between the cracks of the finished highway. Anyone know what's going on with this project?

Thawatchai Wongrach explains: I solved your question about closed Highway 7 at Pattaya. If you see the motorway map from the Highway Department website you can see Highway 7 that connects from the Bangkok-Chonburi Motorway. Actually the Motorway and Highway 7 are the same line and some parts of Highway 36 are changed to Highway 7 because of the Highway Department has a plan to do the project little by little. In the near future Highway 7 will change to be a motorway (tollway) and Highway 7 is being prepared to be a motorway project. This closed road is waiting for the motorway to be extended to Rayong (completed in 2015).

(Photo: Tom)

The Pattaya interchange - January 3, 2008
Tom writes: Reference is made to the closed intersection near Pattaya you asked about earlier.... Actually the extension from this intersection to Pattaya North is in full swing and expected to be done at the end of 2008. Please see a map from the DOH's website showing the route of the extension as well as some pictures I took of the actual construction works last weekend (picture 658
[below] is at this Google Earth Placemark). 662 [above] is basically the same intersection on your photo from the side which has not been opened yet. I also found this interesting article. There is no word however on the extension from Pattaya to Map Ta Phut? Does anybody have an idea?

(Photo: Tom)

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