The outrageous denial

From Naewna, July 14, 2017
Ostrich: Police buying their promotions is very shameful. I’m so embarrassed about this.
Deputy PM Prawit: I don’t know. It doesn’t happen. If it has, you need to find to the documents to prove it…

[Refers to Deputy PM Prawit who supervises the police force. After former Democrat MP and a key member of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee Wittaya Kaewparadai raised the issue of police having to pay bribes for their promotions, Prawit replied in a very Thai way. He completely denied this happens and challenged the whistle blowers to prove it. As the practice of police buying promotions is a longstanding and well-known tradition, Prawit’s denial was met with derision even from pro-junta media like Naewna. Underpinning this is the fear that the junta is squandering their chance to reform the police force.]

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