The opposition supports the government?

From Naewna, April 8, 2020
MP from the opposition parties: We, the revenge group, agree with the government’s 1.9 trillion bailout, but you have to use it properly.
PM Prayut: I’m crying.
Caption: The ivories are growing.

[We do not quite get the point of the tusks and who is the man?
Last month, the leaders of the Future Forward Party vowed to resist the party’s disbanding with further street protests and harshly criticized the government for its handling of the pandemic.
However, the Pheu Thai eventually vowed cooperation with the government to combat the pandemic. Such statements of cooperation are extremely rare in Thailand’s polarized political system. Indeed, as the cartoonist suggests, over the last 20 years Thai politics has revolved around the desire for revenge and for absolute control.
This cartoon swaps the words ค้าน (opposition) and แค้น (revenge) to suggest that it is unlikely that opposition parties, that have publicly and repeatedly vowed to expel the PM from office and rewrite the charter, have sincerely decided to support government efforts to fight the pandemic.
We think the PM is crying because opposition groups customarily oppose all the activities of the government.]

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  1. Wisarut says:

    This satirical cartoonist has used the Chinese idiom of “Ivory never comes from the mouth of a dog” [Literally translated from the Chinese: Elephant tusks cannot grow out of a dog’s mouth. – 狗嘴里长不出象牙]. This Chinese idiom is used to criticize someone who just can’t say nice things. (Online: “filthy mouth cannot utter decent language.”). Therefore, this editorial cartoonist has given cynical remark that the opposite [ex Future Forward Party deputy director who is Lieutenant general with a bald head] who has the filthy mouth like a dog manage to say some nice thing despite of the fact that he is the one who consistently criticize the government

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