The one who causes the biggest headache

From Manager, November 24, 2010
The military commander-in-chief is saying: Eh... Who will instigate me to start a coup? I cannot think of...
The words on the newspaper reads: Mark reveals someone who tries to persuade the military to stage a coup to topple the government
The caption reads: The one who causes the biggest headache.
[This refers to rumors that pro-Thaksin groups (if not Thaksin himself) are pushing the army to overthrow the Democrat-led government since that government was responsible for deaths during the Red Shirt protests. By not stepping down after the deaths, the government is flaunting a longstanding tradition that says a government that kills its people is illegitimate. This plea for a coup also alludes to suspicions that Prayuth may be cooperating or is sympathetic to Thaksin. This seems to mean that Prayuth should be blamed as the power behind the government that the Manager group now opposes.]
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