The next PM: Thaksin’s son


Graphic circulated on social media: To the elite: this is the next PM!
(Red color: Next PM)
[Refers to Thakin’s son Panthongtae Shinawatra. He has become very active in politics, particularly supporting his father, Thaksin, as well as the Red Shirts. He frequently criticizes the anti-Thaksin groups and the junta government. His Facebook account is a unofficial voice for Thaksin,often confirming or denying rumors (most notably in 2013 when he confirmed that it was Thaksin on the leaked audiotape that implied Thaksin has reached and agreement with Prayuth to return to Thailand).
There is speculation that after using family members such as his sister and his brother-in-law as prime minister candidates, Panthongtaee could be a possible candidate to head the Pheu Thai Party in Thaksin’s stead.]


Graphic circulated on social media: The 30

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