The next generation will continue the task…

From Thairath, July 4, 2018
Title: Mournfulness of Kanin Boonsuwan…
On Kanin’s bag: Democracy at the end of tunnel
Mouse man: The next generation will continue the task…
Mouse: Revise the constitution, making it democratic.

[This cartoon pays tribute to Kanin Boonsuwan. He was one of the authors of the 1997 “People’s Constitution” and later a legal expert for the Pheu Thai Party.
A return to the fully elected parliament of the 1997 charter has long been a goal of Thaksin and the parties he has led. His political factions have chaffed under post-coup charters specially designed to prevent any single party from dominating government.
Despite the present veneration of the 1997 charter, Thaksin’s party at the time, the Thai Rak Thai, worked tirelessly to make sure the independent checks and balances stipulated by the charter (a novel innovation in the Thai world) were neutered or fully under party control.
In the present day, all major parties seem determined to somehow amend the military-written charter which greatly curtails the powers of political parties.]

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