The next explosion will be…

From Thairath, July 8, 2021
Title: Waiting for the next bomb
On the smoke: Explosion and fire of factory in Samut Prakarn
On the banner: During quarantine
Phi Nooring: Promptly end the fire before explosion.
Mouse: Prayuth get out.
On the bomb: People can’t stand the COVID crisis and vaccine problems

[Refers to the increasing severe COVID-19 situation in Thailand. Due to the failure of government’s management, many people, not only anti-government groups, have started calling on PM Prayuth to resign. In the cartoon shown the incident of the explosion and fire of the chemical factory in Samut Prakarn province, causing a huge damage. PM Prayuth was in self-quarantine at the time of explosion.
The cartoonist notes that the next big explosion will be the public ire that removes Prayuth and his government from office.]

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