The New Hopewell?

From Thairath, January 19, 2013
Cartoon title: From Hopewell foundation pillars to police stations’ piles
Piles from left: Tend to corrupt; tear down police stations, but not rebuild them; contractors deserted the works
Sign on the left: Build 369 police stations nationwide
Sign on the right: Use garages as police stations
In hands of former deputy prime minister Suthep Thuaksuban: Awarding the bid to one contractor
In hands of DSI Director General hands: Bidding collusion [DSI stands for the Department of Special Investigation. The Director General is Tharit Phendit.]
[This cartoon reference the abandoned pillars of the Hopewell project to draw parallels to the DSI charges being brought against the previous government over the project to build 369 new police stations across the country. The project, approved by former deputy prime minister Suthep Thualsuban, is worth 5.8 billion baht and is under DSI investigation for corruption and bidding collusion.]

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