The nature of cockroaches… always busy


From Manager, October 19, 2015
Left: Look at it… I think it will take quite a time before an election… shall we do something while waiting for the new election?
Right: You cheated on CCTV!
You also cheated on the budget!
You did!
You did… !
Caption: The nature of cockroaches… always busy.

[This refers to the Democrat Party, which the Red Shirts labeled “cockroaches” for their longevity and loathsomeness.
Eventually even Red Shirt enemies, such as the ASTV/Manager Group (the force behind the Yellow Shirts who hounded Thaksin from office), also grew to hate the Democrats and call them “cockroaches.”
Here, the cartoonist shows how the Democrats, always ready to capitalize on a shakeup in the political landscape, are waiting for future elections. As they wait they bicker over the many corruption scandals that have plagued their party.]

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