The Nation responds to junta for detaining its journalist

The Nation’s letter to NCPO chief
…We also call on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, in his capacity as NCPO chief, to consider Pravit’s release as soon as possible, as well as to disclose the location where he is being held. We believe he should be allowed visits from members of his family and his supervisors, so they can be assured of his well-being, and that he be granted access to a lawyer…

Sansern claims Pravit summoned as individual, not journalist
…Sansern said Pravit had violated an agreement he had made with the NCPO after he was summoned last year.
He was called in this time because of what he posted on Facebook, the spokesman said without elaborating. Although it was Pravit’s personal account, he seemed to “think loudly in order to spread his message”. The message was “provocative and divisive”, Sansern said.

NCPO claims Pravit’s detention justified
The National Council for Peace and Order Monday defended the detention of The Nation’s reporter Pravit Rojanaphruk, saying he had disseminated information in a way that was not in accordance with the guideline for keeping peace and order.
But NCPO spokesman Col Winthai Suvari did not provide details of specific incidents that Pravit had disseminated such information…

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