The Nation begins its 41st year

(Source: The Nation front page, July 1, 1971)

Little boy has matured into a media pioneer – The Nation, July 1, 2012
…The Nation’s editor, Tulsathit Taptim, said the founding principles of the newspaper remain unchanged and are guiding how every NMG reporter does his or her job. “Today’s reporters of NMG are being guided by the very same principles and ethics held dear by the founding generation,” he said…

And here is the original nation manifesto from July 1, 1971 written by a 25-year-old Suthichai Yoon: The How and Why of The Nation by Suthichai Yoon
There is one thing that every newspaper must have–a moral justification for its existence. That is what made us decide to launch The Nation.
After the only other two English-language dailies here merged under foreign ownership, it became obvious to us that the existence of such a paper as ours not only morally just, but also morally necessary…
The Nation will be a responsible newspaper that follows an independent and impartial editorial policy.
“The Nation will strive to be a medium for the mutual exchange of views between the government and the people, interpreting the actions of the government to the public while also reflecting popular sentiment. It will not shy away from voicing criticism if that criticism is of a thoughtful nature, and will voice it without prejudice or antagonism.
The Nation will identify with the Thai Press, and will on no account attempt to form part of a separate institution just because it is not printed in the Thai language…
We know a good percentage of our readers will belong to the foreign community and they will not only have adequate world news but they will also enjoy something they have not had before–a frank and accurate picture of the country in which they have chosen to live and work.
To us, a brickbat is as welcome as a bouquet. The Nation is your newspaper.

[The two English-language dailies that merged under foreign ownership were the Bangkok Post and Bangkok World.]

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