The mystery of the Thai lynching photo that won a Pulitzer Prize

AP WAS THERE: 40 years ago, young Thai protesters massacred – AP, October 4, 2016
Associated Press Photographer Neal Ulevich won the Pulitzer Prize for his photos of the suppression of a left-wing student protest at Bangkok’s Thammasat University on Oct. 6, 1976, and the brutal lynchings in its wake. Ulevich, then 30, arrived as a night of tension at the campus broke into a full-scale assault by paramilitary police on thousands of trapped and defenseless students…

1976 lynching photo both dark mark and blind spot for Thais – AP, October 4, 2016
…No one in that Pulitzer Prize-winning photo — the victim, the attacker or any of the dozens of spectators — has been identified in the 40 years since Associated Press photographer Neal Ulevich shot it.
That fact intrigued Tucker, who has teamed up with Thai researchers who are attempting to put names to the long-ago faces. They hope to harness the power of social media to elicit more information, and this week their website, , went live…

6 October Photo website

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