The Mouth Speaks, the Eyes Blink

From Thairath, May 1, 2011
The headline reads: The mouth speaks, the eyes blink [an idiom that means something like “you speak one thing, but behave differently from what you say.”]

Top left: Telling others that they are monks [referring to fake monks]

Top middle: Telling others that they are the students’ role model.
The word on the academic gown reads: Sale [referring to the sale of university degrees]

Top right: Saying that they don’t want to see the army staging a coup [probably refers to Red Shirts insisting the army not overthrown the government in spite of their own attempts to overthrown the government. Why is it a frog?]

Bottom left: Saying that he/she teaches the way to solve the karma result [we think this refers to another Buddhism scandal where unusual sexual practices were recommended]

Bottom middle: Saying that they step over Thaksin already [referring to the Red Shirts who claim they their movement has moved beyond the issue of absolving Thaksin]

Bottom right: Saying that he [Hun Sen] wants to negotiate with Thailand

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