Converting soldiers to politicians


From Thairath, March 10, 2016
Title: Make yourself more comfortable!
On paper at left: 5-years appointed senator
On paper at bottom: 20-year country strategy
On the man’s suit: Election regime
The man at left is constitution drafter Meechai Ruchuphan
Mouse man: If this makes you happy…
Mouse: He wants to stay longer.

[This shows the constitution drafters replacing the army boots of the military with politician’s dress shoes. This refers to parts of the new constitution that require senators appointed for 5 years along with the junta’s public calls to create a 20-year plan for the country.
All of these plans are meant to play to the Thai political world. They are meant to ensure politicians that there will be no political space for Thaksin to control political parties and engineer his return.
For those wary of a political military–which has dogged Thai politics in previous decades–it portends another long struggle to unseat greedy and self-serving military men from politics at some future date.]

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